Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Finding My Guide

    Years ago I decided to see if I could find out who my Guide was during meditation.  While I meditate I visualize my garden, the place I go during meditation to find peace.  The garden I see in my minds eye is in the woods away from everything.  There is a path that leads to a gazebo which has a cement bench in the middle of it.  It is surrounded by a white fence and flowers of all types.  A very pretty and peaceful place to me. 
    Once there I asked my Higher Self.  Who is my Guide?  Who is it that gives me the information I need when reading for others?  Slowly I began to see a white mist coming toward me out of the woods.  I began feeling overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed in a good way, the way I felt just after delivering my son (you mothers will understand that).  I actually began to cry tears of joy.  Upon composing myself I asked “Is there a name I can call you?”  Very softly I heard a voice say “Gabriel.” or so I thought.  I was unsure I heard the name correctly so I asked the voice to repeat their name.  “Gabriel.” the voice spoke softly.
    The next evening I decide I would ask again during my evening meditation.  I wanted to hear it again because the voice had sounded kind of feminine and I was pretty sure an Arch Angel couldn’t be my Guide.  So once again to my garden I went asking, “Are you there?”.  Again the mist appeared out of the woods in front of me as I knelt before the bench in the gazebo.  Then I heard a female declare, “I am here.  My name is Gabrielle.” in a much clearer voice this time.  “Oh, GABRIELLE!  ... Can I call you Gabby?” I asked.  A muffled laugh and then a resounding, “YES!”.  Then I asked “Do I have others with me?” and Gabby said “Many.”  I then looked around the perimeter of my garden and saw many others just outside the fence line.  Feeling overwhelmed again, I decided to wait for another day to try and find out who they were.
    Since then I have found out several of the other Guides names, there are young and old, male and female.  They seem to each have a job to do with me in my life.  I sometimes wonder if they ever start the day thinking, “Crap, another work day!”

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