Friday, February 4, 2011

Our Pets Have Spirits Too!

    I’ve always been an animal lover.  Since the time I was a child I’ve been fascinated with all sorts of animals.  I blame it on Mom because she would bring home all sorts of strays.  Cats, dogs, birds, hamsters and even critters we caught in the backyard (snakes, frogs, chipmunks, etc.).  I actually thought about being a Vet as a career but decided I couldn’t stand to see animals in pain.  Over the years I have had MANY different pets.
    Anyone who thinks that animals don’t meet us on the other side has never really experienced their spirit.  Many of my pets have come to visit me.  I have felt them and even seen a glimpse of them around the house on occasion.  I have also seen other peoples pets with them during readings, there IS a connection with our beloved pets.
    One time I lost a Siamese cat.  He got very ill and I had to make the decision to put him down.  I had his company for only eight years and loved him dearly.  To this day I can feel his presence, mostly when I’m in the bathroom of all places.  I can feel him rubbing against my legs as he did in life.
    Then there was the DREAM DOG.  I call her that because I dreamed of her before she was born, actually, even before I had an inkling that I would own her.
    The dream was of me at my house in the country.  I could see the front door was open and looking through the screen door you could tell it was Spring.  There were four dogs jumping at the door looking outside.  “Four dogs,” I thought in the dream, “there’s Cleo, Max and Roxie but who’s the little blonde dog?”  Then I heard a voice in the dream call her Sandy.
    A couple of months later a friend of mine who had Miniature Wirehaired Dachshunds called me.  She began by saying her dog was going to have puppies in a couple of months.  After they came she asked me if I would like to co-own one of the females with her.  Well that was a no brainer, of coarse I would love to add a Wirehaired Dachshund to the family.  So I told her I would only if I could name it after her and she was fine with that, “Sandy, it is.” she said.  Not long after that, in the Spring, I would see my dream come true.
    About four years ago, I had to put my beloved Cleo down.  A Yorkie I had for fifteen years.  It broke my heart, but her quality of life was just not there anymore.  About a year later she came to me while I was in bed.  I had two other dogs at the time and they were sleeping with me.  I was awakened by footsteps on the bed.  I looked to see if one of my babies were getting up, but no, they were both sound asleep.  I lay there and could feel and see movement on the comforter.  Then I heard a ‘thud’ as if something had jumped down off the bed and the patter of footsteps leaving the room.  I KNOW IT WAS CLEO.
    These things are just a sampling of how our pets, like our children, pick us.  For whatever the reason, their little souls are with us AFTER and even BEFORE their existence.

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