Thursday, February 3, 2011


    Many years ago I was sitting around the house with nothing to do (at least nothing I wanted to do) so I decided to try psychometry on myself.  I didn’t know if that was even possible, but what the heck.
    I took off my favorite gold necklace and laid it on the table before me.  I said my little prayer of protection and asked my higher self to show me what would happen in my future.
    I took three deep cleansing breaths and picked up my necklace.  It was hard to keep my mind blank so I decided to do what I was taught.  Mom, Jeane and I took these classes (we actually helped start them) and we were taught to visualize a blank black board so we had only one thing on our minds.  If our mind started to wander we were told to erase the board and start again.  So this is what I did.  It took several minutes but finally a picture, vague at first, came onto the board.  As I looked in my minds eye I saw a window.  “Something’s in front of that window.” I thought.  Wondering what it was I tried to zoom in.  As I did there seemed to be a large bird cage in front of the window.  Zooming in closer I saw a parrot in the cage.  All I could tell is that it was a parrot but it was in the shadows so the bird itself was not clear.  “Hmmm...wonder what that’s all about?  Nobody I know has a parrot.” I thought.
    I wrote all the things I saw down with notations of how I felt about the visions.  I tucked the notes away and figured that I may understand later on.  There were many other things I saw in that vision I won’t talk about right now, hopefully that’s another story.
    About five years later I was out shopping.  Walking down the street I saw a pet store that only had birds.  “Birds?  Wow I wonder if they carry Canaries.” I thought.  I bred Red Factor Canaries at that time so I knew a little something about birds.  I decided to go in and just enjoy the beautiful birds.  I met the owner and she was very informative about the birds she had.  After talking awhile I noticed an exceptionally beautiful parrot and she told me it was a female Eclectus.  “These parrots are from the islands off the coast of Australia and I breed them.” she informed me.  The bird was bright red with iridescent royal blue wings a purple chest and bright yellow tail feathers.
    I told her about my Canaries and she said she had been wanting some Red Factors (I had 100 at the time).  We worked out a deal.  She took all my Canaries and a small amount of cash for a two week old female Eclectus.
    I had to wait another two weeks before she would let me take her home.  It was sooooo ugly.  No feathers and a big gullet.  I had to hand feed her for months before she could eat on her own.  Her breeder told me that hand feeding is the best way to bond with a parrot.  I named her Ruby for the obvious reason.
    Ruby quickly learned to talk and thankfully is not a noisy parrot as are so many.  She only seems to talk a lot around six in the evening (or when I’m on the phone) and hardly ever screams (unless she’s frightened).
    Anyway, I’ve had her for fifteen years or so and she has been a good companion.  I hadn’t thought of that reading I did for myself in years, but gazing at her in front of the window the other day it all came back.  “Oh my God!  This is exactly what I saw!” I thought “I can’t wait for the other wonderful visions I had that day, all those years ago, to come to pass too!”

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