Saturday, January 29, 2011

Aliens or Angels?

    One night my son, then 10 years old, came into my bedroom and woke me.  He was scared and said, “Mom, there’s something outside.  I keep seeing a blue light floating around outside my bedroom window.”  I got up and took him back to his bed.  We both looked out the window.  Nothing.  We watched for a short while but saw nothing more.  “Well honey, it’s gone now.  We’re safe.  You can go to sleep now.” I told him as I tucked him in “It may have been someone down at the creek.”.
    A few months later I helped get him ready for school then, as usual, I laid back down for a few minutes before I had to get ready.  He would always wait inside the house until he heard the bus coming and I would get up after I heard him go out the door.  On this day however, I didn’t hear the door, I heard him crying.  He hardly ever cried unless he was hurt!  I jumped up and ran into the living room where I found him standing in front of the door crying, “Something’s outside, mom.” “What’s outside?” I asked.  “I don’t know, but it scares me.” he said.  With that I made him go to his room and I looked out the window.  Not seeing anything, I opened the door and stepped out to see.  Nothing.  I then went back and consoled him until the bus came and we walked out to it together.  I told him we would say a prayer over the house and yard after school to keep anything scary away from us.  That seemed to do the trick.  That evening we did a prayer smudging together, we went throughout the house and then outside all around the house.  This made us both feel safe.
    All’s calm on the home front for several weeks.  Then one weekend, after picking James up from his dad’s house, we’re on our way home and we see something hovering over the car as we’re driving.  I slowed down to five or ten miles per hour and we’re both leaning forward looking up at this thing in the sky over the car.  “What the heck is that?  Is it a plane?” I asked.  It was so low and so huge.  It was completely silent, big and black and triangular in shape.  “I’m pulling over.” I told James “You stay in the car.”  I got out and it was gone...we both wondered if it was a Stealth Bomber or Alien Spacecraft.  We wouldn’t both have seen the same thing if it hadn’t been there.  The next morning the newspaper had an article about a reported unidentified object being seen over the city we lived!
    Now I’m not one to deny that other things exist, but I’m not sure I want to have a face to face either.  So we both just forgot about the incident and went about our daily lives.
    Several more weeks go by and I’m at home alone.  James was at his fathers house for the weekend.  I have settled in for a good nights rest and just finished my evening meditation.  Suddenly I got a creepy feeling that something was watching me.  I asked for protection.  I then noticed a BLUE LIGHT through the blinds just outside my bedroom.  It was as if something was pacing back and forth in front of my window.  Now I’m really scared.  “Please, Lord God, protect me and keep me safe.” I prayed “If these are Your Angels I thank You.  But, if they are Aliens please send them away!”  They lights went out and there were never any more incidents like these.  THANK THE LORD!

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