Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Uninvited House Guests

    When I lived out in the country, years ago, there were many strange occurrences at my home.  One of which I will relay to you now.  Remember I was a single mother living with just my son and our pets.
    My son was around 16 at the time so he could drive.  On this particular occasion my son was spending the weekend with his father in town.  (These things always seem to happen when you’re alone.)
    Anyway, it was a nice evening in the summer.  I had the doors open early in the evening to enjoy the fresh night air.  Preparing for bed I went around the house and closed all the doors and windows, checking to make sure they were all locked up tight for the evening and then went to bed.
    I woke up around two in the morning, because I thought I heard the television or a radio on really low.  I listened quietly for a few minutes before I got up to check.  Thinking maybe my son had come home for some reason I checked his room first.  No one was there and nothing in the house was on.  I went back to bed.
    A few minutes later I woke again to hear the low sounds of people talking.  Was it the radio, I wondered, knowing I had just checked and nothing had been on.  I laid back down and about a half hour later I heard the front door open and close.  “James?” I asked.  No answer, I listened but heard nothing.  Now I was beginning to get scared.  What the heck is going on tonight?    The low mumblings continued and I finally got the nerve to get up and check it out.  I picked up my ball bat (I kept beside the bed) and quietly got up to check out what was going on.  The mumbling continued as I snuck around the corner from my bedroom to the living room.  To my amazement the whole living room was filled with a mist, it looked like a heavy fog.  Immediately the mumbling stopped, I interrupted something!  The mist, which had been swirling when I entered the room stopped and started to dissipate.  I flipped on the lights...NOTHING.  I checked the front door...LOCKED TIGHT.  What the heck is going on?  
    I then remembered something mom used to tell me.  She believed our Angels/Guides will periodically check up on us and if we were quiet we might just hear or see them but that they would try not to be seen.  I caught them in the act!
    “I don’t mind if you have a party in my living room, but could you at least INVITE ME NEXT TIME?” I said to the empty room.

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