Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Flow...

    I believe, and remember this is just my belief not a religion, that all of us are part of The Creator.  When I say all of us I mean EVERY living thing!  Because of that we, those of us known as Psychics or Mystics, can tap into the Universal flow of energy of human, animal and even plant life.  The thing is, we all can tap into that energy if we just try to be open.  We have all known the phone was going to ring and who was calling before it did.  We all have had the ‘feeling’ that something may be wrong with our pet and even our favorite plant.  There is a vibration that we all put out and that is what we ‘feel’.  
    I compare God, The Creator, The Divine Source, The All or whatever you may call It, to the human body.  That Body of God Energy has many different parts that make up the Whole Being.  Every one of those parts are as important as the other.  The health of the Whole is dependent on every other part of the Being.  Even the things we see as bad are important.  They are how the Body learns healing.
    There is a flow of energy, as in the body, a circulation.  Sometimes within that circulation there are obstructions.  That is when our God given right to make the determination how to get around that obstruction, our FREE WILL, kicks in.  That decision to go left instead of right causes other things to happen.  It affects the rest of the Body.  Everything we do, say and feel affects the Whole.  Our decisions will never kill the Whole, but can determine how the Whole will react.
    When a Psychic or Mystic does a reading for someone they are tapping into your energy flow within the Whole.  They ‘see’ the current direction you are heading BEFORE any Free Will choices.  A good reader will NEVER tell you which way you must go, that is your Free Will Choice.  They will tell you the way things may go for you IF you remain on the current course.
    We cannot EVER stray far from God’s intended destination for us.  It can, however, take us longer to get there!  Choose your course wisely.

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