Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beyond The Grave...

    I was raised with the idea that life is a magical journey and we are all able to see into the future.  My mother, sister and I used to get together weekly and do readings for one another.  We liked levitating tables, energy healings, etc.  We also did hypnosis and meditations together.  This was our fun things to do.  
    Many of the things we told each other DID happen and many have not happened yet.  Mom passed several years ago and I am sure the things she told me will still happen.  I cannot wait for the things my mother told me all those years ago to happen.  When they do that will be further proof, in my mind, that not only can we see the future but beyond the grave!  If she saw things for me that happened after her demise then that says she still sees me now...HI MOM, I LOVE YOU and I’M WAITING!

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