Monday, January 10, 2011

The Clock Is Ticking!

    Back in August 1999 I lived in a small house in the country.  At that time I had five dogs, all of which were yappy little guys.  Living in the country and kinda outta the way I liked that because if anyone or anything was around the house I would always be alerted!  Being alone out there it’s nice to have a built in alarm system.
    One evening, I think around 10 PM, my dogs began barking.  I went around the house checking to see if anyone had come to visit.  I saw no one out the windows.  I thought the dogs had just heard some of the wildlife out there.  I tried to quiet the dogs, but they would not quit their barking.  I noticed that all five of them were looking up in the air toward my back door.  I started getting a little aggravated at them and yelled, “Would you PLEASE SHUT UP!”.  After what seemed like forever (probably around 10 minutes) they finally did.  But they all seemed kinda anxious, pacing around.  Once I got them settled I went to bed for the evening.
    The next morning around seven, as usual, I got up, went into the kitchen to make my morning coffee and let the dogs out.  As I headed to the back door I looked up at the clock that hung beside it.  (This was a cheapy clock with no glass on the front.)  Much to my surprise it was still at ten o’clock, I think, because the minute hand had been bent straight out perpendicular to the face of the clock!  That’s what the dogs had been barking at!  You’d think I would have been scared but I was really pissed off, THEY RUINED MY CLOCK!
    To this day I’m not exactly sure what that was supposed to tell me.  The only thing I could associate it with was the direction the minute hand was pointing “West”.  Because the next month I started my own shop doing readings and the shop was exactly “West” of my home.

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