Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life's a Spiritual Journey...I just wish I knew my destination!

AM I PSYCHIC OR WHAT?!  ~ Colleen Celeste
    That is the question I have been asking myself for years.  I believe the answer is YES.  But I also believe that WE ARE ALL INHERENTLY PSYCHIC.  It’s just like being an artist or musician or writer, everyone can do these things to some degree, but there’s the rub, we’re not all on the same level.  As I get older and look back I see that my whole life was about finding MY LEVEL, spiritually speaking.
    I was born in Hamilton, Ohio on October 26, 1953.  Mom said I looked like I’d seen a ghost because my hair stood on end for a couple of days.  My mom was born with a veil or so she said.  So as you can see, the metaphysical was taught to me from birth.  
  Mom told me that her mother, deceased long before my birth, visited me when I was around two weeks old.  She told me that one evening at 2:00 am, or there about, she heard me cooing and laughing in my room.  She went into my room to check on me and I was propped up in the corner of my crib smiling and giggling and she said she felt her mothers presence.  
  As I got older, probably around 6 or 7, I started feeling afraid at night.  I felt like there was someone in my bedroom with me, in or near my closet.  One evening it scared me so bad I got up and went to Mom and told her what I was feeling.  She brought me back to bed, checked my closet, under the bed and all around.  She tucked me in and said, “Do you think they’re here to hurt you?”  and I said, “No.”  She then said, “Then why are you afraid?”  “I don’t know who it is.” I said.  She then got up and said to the closet, “You have to go now, you’re scaring Colleen.” and then proceeded to tell me, “From now on, if you feel something you don’t like, tell it to GO AWAY!”  I learned very early that spirit was around me and if I didn’t want it I could tell it to go away, and it would.  I learned to BLOCK these unidentified things from me not even understanding what it was.  
  As time went on I would wish for things, as everyone does, I would visualize them at night and see myself in whatever the situation was I wanted.  I didn’t realize at that time that I was sending a message out to the universe.  But I did realize that in most all cases the things I wished for seemed to come true (or at least a very similar thing).  Once as a teenager I wished something bad for someone, it was a fleeting thought, but bad none the less.  Within hours of that thought I heard news that what I had thought had happened.  Oh my God!  I felt so guilty and ashamed.  I tried to tell myself it was a coincidence but was worried that I may have contributed to what happened.  Not long after that event things went bad for me, not horribly, but bad in a way that I felt it was payback for my selfish/negative thoughts.  The lesson was learned.  I NEVER wish ill to anyone now, no matter what I may think of their actions.  I know that what we think does matter and will come back to us.
  Being a teenager in the late 1960’s I was, as were many my age, interested in Astrology.  I started to study it and learned how to do Natal Charts.  I became so obsessed with it I had vivid dreams about the planets.  One dream was about Mars coming so close to Earth I was afraid it would crash into us.  In the dream I was climbing a mountain at night and could see Mars so big and red as if it were upon us.  I was not really scared in the dream, more in awe.  Years later, 2003 to be exact, Mars was the closest to Earth it had been in approximately 60,000 years.  What does that mean to me, I thought.  I realized that I was climbing the proverbial mountain of psychic awareness, I had only been a professional psychic for four years at that time!  I wasn’t at the top of my game then but was on my way.
  Interest in dreams has always been big with me.  I kept a journal for years.  I began to realize that what I dreamed did come to pass.  I had to learn the symbols of my dreams to understand their meanings.  As I did, it became clear to me that some of dreams were “MILE MARKERS” in my life and that some were “PRECOGNITIVE”.  I also noted that sometimes I would have that “DEJA VU” experience and could go back in my journal and find it in one of my dreams, those seem to be the Mile Markers of life for me.  Why do we do this?  Why aren’t the dreams more self explanatory?  To this day I can’t tell you the answers to those questions except to say it is our job to PAY ATTENTION and to try to help ourselves and these dreams are our little clues from our HIGHER SELF.
  Around the age of 16 my mother wanted to join a parapsychology group but didn’t know how to drive and Dad was not into this so I had to drive her.  I didn’t mind because I WAS into it.  In those classes I began to learn meditation and self hypnosis as well as many other things considered Paranormal (I disagree with that terminology because I believe most of what we learned [or re-learned] is very much normal).  I believe we have been educated away from our innate abilities through religion, television and just plain fear of the unknown.  I embrace the unknown because I want to understand why we know things before they happen, etc.  I am not afraid because I don’t believe I will be harmed spiritually as long as I work from the Light and Love of our Creator (God) after all that is where everything comes from.
  At 18 I went away to school.  At that time I pulled away from the occult learning (not entirely) to pursue a degree in Art.  My art was indicative of my eclectic spiritual beliefs and still is to some degree.  I believe that because I am an artist, a creative thinker, I am also more psychically aware.  Visualization is the key!  I now realize that and that anything we imagine can be, when we imagine with intention. be continued (I hope)

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