Friday, January 14, 2011

Messages From The Other Side

    I get a new car every three or four years.  Once, several years ago, I was at home and the phone rang.  It was my car dealership.  “Colleen?” he asked, “Yea, Colleen here.” I replied.  “Your lease is about up and I have a great car here I think you’ll like.” he said.  I immediately envisioned a Burgundy four door sedan and asked him, “Is it Burgundy?”  He laughed and said “How’d you know that?  Yes, it is!”  I thought it must be some sort of sign that I was supposed to get THAT car, so I did.
    Excited, as we all are with a new vehicle, I went to my Mom’s house to take her for a drive.  She loved that car!  Later on I would find out why we both had a connection to it.
    About a week or so later I had a couple of telling dreams, although at the time I didn’t understand what they were telling.  In the first one Mom and my sister Jeane were in a car driving up a hill and me and Brenda, my other sister, were running behind the car trying to catch up.  The second dream was more self explanatory.  In it I was in a library looking up information on some of my clients.  I couldn’t find anything and I asked myself where all the information had gone when a voice from above said, “You have to go to the next level.”  Stubbornly I said that I didn’t want to, but the voice insisted, so I began to climb the stairs.  At the top of the staircase was a long hall lined with doors.  I knew that behind every door there were Angels, I also knew that my Mom was in one of the rooms with an Angel!  These are just worry dreams, I tried to tell myself.  But as it turned out they were telling me something much more.  I believe I was being prepared for things to come.
    Several months later I was at my shop to do readings.  It was Saturday the seventeenth of April 2004 to be exact.  (in Numerology that was a 9 day, COMPLETION)  All morning I had a horrible feeling that something was wrong with Mom.  I kept telling everyone that something felt wrong with Mom and I thought she was ‘leaving’ today (she had been ill for years).  Finally around noon, I called her, my youngest sister answered the phone, “Mom is fine she’s just really tired and keeps dosing off” Brenda said.  I couldn’t shake the feeling so I left early and called Mom again to tell her I was coming over and I’d pick up a slushy from Ice Castle, she loved those!
    When I got to Mom’s place she was asleep in her recliner.  As expected, she didn’t look good and kept falling off to sleep during our conversation.  “Mom, I’m taking you to the hospital, your color is bad and I think we need to get you checked.” I told her.  She reluctantly said she would go but only if I didn’t call an ambulance or my sister Jeane (Jeane was in Florida on vacation at the time and was/is a worry wort.)  I got Mom dressed and into my new car.   About a block from her house she turned to me and said, “I think you’d better hurry!”  With that her head dropped and I FREAKED!
    I kept trying to get her to wake up, she lifted her head three times, briefly.  But on the third time her head dropped she started drooling and I knew she was gone.  I called my sister Brenda from the car to let her know what was happening, she then called to alert the hospital that we were on our way.  Every light on the way to the hospital was green and I got there in record time.  The hospital staff were waiting in the emergency parking lot to rush her inside.  “It’s too late,” I thought, “I waited too long, it’s ALL my fault, I knew something was wrong and I waited too long!”
    The doctor came to me and told me she was gonna be fine.  I didn’t believe him and as he was trying to reassure me the nurse popped her head in the room and told him he’d better hurry to her.  I knew she wouldn’t come back, if she had she would have been a vegetable and she’d always told me she wouldn’t want to live like that.
    A couple of weeks later my sister Jeane and I were sitting at the dining room table talking about different things, not about Mom so much, just about family stuff.  Suddenly Jeane started staring at me and the color of her skin changed she reached forward and grabbed my hands.  Her breathing was labored, her hands were like ice and she said to me... “IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!”  “What’s not my fault?” I asked.  She repeated several times, “IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!”  Now I’m getting scared, it wasn’t Jeane who was talking to me, it was Mom!  When I realized this I told her “Thank you Mom, but now you have to go, you’re hurting Jeane!”  With that Jeane seemed to come back around, although it took several minutes for her to get her color back.  Jeane had no idea what had just happened, I had to recount the whole situation, it was as if Jeane had left the room for those few minutes.  I will never forget that and I know that everything was, and is, as it should be.
    THANK YOU MOM, for letting me see that you are fine and I believe, happy to be out of that painful old body!

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