Sunday, January 9, 2011

Your Angels and Guides DO Talk To You!

Once, years ago, I was sitting at work and my son, then 17, called me and asked permission to stay overnight at a friends house.  Not unusual, after all it was a Friday night.  Normally I would not have minded at all, but this time for some reason I didn't feel good about it.  It wasn't who he was going to be with so why did I feel this way?  So I told him I would prefer that he not do this tonight.  Well, as anyone with a teenager would expect, he questioned my decision.  "Why not?" he asked.  "I don't feel good about this for some reason." I said.  "Geez, Mom, you and your feelings!  You're always having feelings!" he replied.  I gave in, telling him that it was ok but not to leave his friends house that evening.  He told me he wouldn't but he lied.  Later on I was on the computer at home alone with my dogs.  At 8:50 PM while still on the computer I felt a tap on my left shoulder.  Being alone it startled me.  I then heard a voice say "It's alright now.".  Confused, I looked around to see who or what was speaking to me and asked "What's alright now?".  There was no more communication, so I just shrugged it off figuring I would understand later.  (Being psychic things like that don't scare me.)  At 9:50 PM I went to the bedroom turned on the TV and settled in for the night when then the phone rang.  When I answered it, to my surprise, it was the County Sheriff's office.  They called to tell me that they had my son in custody and he had been arrested for trespassing at 8:50 PM!  They also told me that he and some friends had broken into an abandoned building to party but that none of the "party supplies" had been touched before they were caught!  Obviously that was what my Guide/Angel was telling me...I think I was being advised that my baby boy was alright and that he had been protected.  Although I wish it hadn't happened (he had to stay in Juvenile Detention all weekend) I know it was a lesson he HAD to learn and one I had to let him learn!  NEEDLESS TO SAY, HE PAYS MORE ATTENTION TO MY FEELINGS NOW!

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