Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some Things You Just Can’t Change!

    Several years ago I used to go to Native American Pow Wow’s.  I loved the spiritual ‘feel’ of them, I loved the people I met and the things I learned.
    On one occasion I decided to go to a Michigan Pow Wow.  It was late September and I was excited to go and revisit a friend I had met before at this same gathering a couple of years prior.  Most often I went with a friend of mine, a Cherokee girlfriend, but this time she couldn’t attend because of work.  Being a rather stubborn individual I wasn’t going to let that stop me, “I’ll go alone.” I thought.
    Before going my sister Jeane and I got together to do a reading about the trip, just to be prepared.  She told me some disturbing news.  She said I was going to be in a car accident, but that I would be ok.  She continued by saying it was around 5:30 in the afternoon, the sun was setting and that someone would run a red light or something, that the accident was not my fault and that no one would be hurt.  She also said she could see that my car was badly damaged in the front and on the passenger side.
    Not wanting to have that experience I decided to leave at a time that would get me to my destination much earlier in the afternoon.  I got to the Pow Wow around 3:00 on Friday afternoon.  “All is good,” I thought, “by changing my arrival time I may have avoided the accident.”
    I had a wonderful time there and thought no more about the reading my sister had given me.  When I returned home I let her know that things went well.  We were both relieved and hoped the situation she had seen had been escaped.
    The following September Jeane asked me to come over for dinner after work.  We did this often on Friday’s and I love to go, her husband is quite the cook!  At the end of the work day I jumped in my car and headed to her house.  Taking my usual route out of town my mind was on a great evening with family.   I was going about 35 or 40 mph and there were cars beside and behind me.  Suddenly, just ahead, a woman ran a stop sign crossing directly in front of all the oncoming traffic!  I could not get out of the way without hitting someone else or them hitting me.  “Oh, crap!” I hit my brake but could not avoid T-Boneing the woman.  Her car spun around and hit the passenger side of my car.  Thankfully no one was badly hurt and the guy behind me saw it coming and stopped in time.  It was 5:30!  I called Jeane, she and my son came out to get me.
    Now I know why she saw the incident so clearly, she would be there to see it first hand.  I think we were being told that I would be protected, not to worry.  I guess some things are just unavoidable!

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